About TNT Boat Repair

The TNT Difference

Outside our Clermont, FL location TNT Marine Service provides unparallelled service and attention. There are fundamental differences between my shop and an ordinary service center.

Your experience with an ordinary service center...

At a normal service center you'll probably bring your boat in and deal with a sales represenative behind a counter. You'll describe your problem, and he'll write down notes, and then pass them to the service manager who will eventually delegate your work to one of the technicians in the back garage. There are several problems with this set-up...

  • If an issue pops up during maintenance, the technician tells his manager, who tells the sales rep, who eventualy calls you asking for an answer to resolve the problem. Playing phone tag with all of these particiapnts can not only cause headaches, but can cause your project multiple delays and money!
  • You will never meet the technician working on your boat, and he will never meet you. To him, you are just a Customer ID# written at the top of a work order. Do you think he is going to go the extra mile to try to give you excellent results, or is he going to just finish the job as quickly as possible so he can move onto the next faceless customer?
  • Ordinary shops usually have set rules that they treat as if they were law. Bending the rules to come to the aid of the customer is rarely done.

Your experience with TNT Marine Service...

At TNT, you deal directly with the guy that will be working on your boat. For my customers, it has proven invaluable to be able to call and speak straight to the boat technician. Many times I can diagnose problems over the phone, and maybe even tell you how to fix it!

  • If an issue pops up during maintenance, I (the technician) will call you directly. This is so much more efficient than playing phone tag with several different people. Not only will this help keep your project completion on time, but it will save everyone money in the long run.
  • TNT Marine Service is my personal business. I am the owner, customer service rep and technician. I meet face to face with my clients, and develop relationships with them. I care about the work I do, and the customer relationships I build.
  • I'm here for you! Did your boat break down in the middle of the lake and you don't know what to do? Call me. Did your tire blow out on your trailer and you need someone to help you out? Call me. No matter how big or small, I'm here to provide excellent customer service.

Quality Work, Quality Experience

Master Certified Yamaha Technician With over 12 years of experience, I've come across just about every single boating problem known to man. I am one of the few who have been honored as a Master Certified Yamaha Technician. I am also certified for MerCruiser, BRP, Mercury, Johnson and Evinrude. Annually I attend workshops to keep up with the latest trends and technology. I have experience with all makes and models of boats. So whether you have a small Jet Ski, medium-sized wakeboard boat, large salt water fishing boat or anything else that floats... I can get the job done for you.

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